Ceramic Diya (The Blue Edit)

Ceramic Diya (The Blue Edit)

The Earth Love x Jellyfish Pottery

Ceramic Diya (The Blue Edit)

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    • Handmade
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    Each piece is specially handcrafted by talented artisans, which means no two pieces are alike! The colour blue denotes serenity and stability - and we hope you receive both in abundance.

    Diameter: 4 inches

    Available in 5 different combinations.

    Together, let’s celebrate the #DiwaliDifference!

    (Disclaimer: All orders from this collection will be dispatched post the 25th of October)

    Product Code: Ceramic Diya (The Blue Edit)
    Weight: 300 g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 1in x 4in x 2in
    Main Attribute: Handmade 

    Tags: diya, diyas, Diwali, ceramic, festive, light, Deepak, blue, ceramic diya, handmade, handmade diya

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